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Looking for Alaska - John Green

I had Looking for Alaska on my shelf since my birthday back in april, but I didn’t get around to reading it until now. I certainly wasn’t dissapointed in John Green’s ability to make me absolutely love his characters, to get me emotionally attached to his stories, and yes, break my heart.
It’s a great book about the labyrinth of suffering, about brokeness and sadness, life and guilt and trying to understand why terrible things happen, and why they happen to good people.
It’s all wrapped up in a wonderful writing style, which is deep and light at the same time and makes you want to underline every second sentence, yet also makes a hundred pages feel like ten pages, because they’re just flying away underneath your fingers.
I really liked Looking for Alaska a lot. It is not quite as wonderful-but-heartbreaking as The Fault In Our Stars, but very, very close. It made me cry and yet I’m still very glad I read it.